Who we are

Our Mission

We are here to enable anyone to build regenerative cultures. Anything short of regeneration will be catastrophic for the human race very soon.

Undefine stands for removing the limits of our current understanding. Startups exist to bring value to the world; we help you grow free from the extractive principles that we believe lead to the 90% startup failure rate.

When companies grow too fast, they start playing catch-up and exhibit unsustainable practices that overburden the co-founders.

Regeneration starts with transformative relations within your company: seeing the whole team not just as a bunch of people but as a self-evolving system, that everyone knows how to participate in.

Our Background

We bring in a diverse range of expertises in our work—including systems engineering, strategy consulting, adult development psychology, and collaboration science. Our work started with an MIT thesis on co-founder growth. We are also certified in collaborative group processes.

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