What we do

We help you initiate the important conversations in your company and we train internal stewards to keep them growing. Our approach blends a range of cutting-edge, evidence-based theories, including mindfulness psychotherapy and collaboration design principles.

We help you build capacity through a variety of media: workshops, company-wide conferences, tailored coaching and learning content, etc.

We plan to develop an AI-assisted tool for more seamless learning journeys.

Transformational benefits:

  1. Creating more decision makers at all levels of the start up
  2. Making space for the important ideas to emerge, aside of day-to-day urgencies
  3. Communicating a shared identity and vision to everyone
  4. Creating a culture of mutual empowerment that supports innovation
  5. Creating strong conflict resolution mechanisms and developing the group's relational intelligence
  6. Balancing urgent business priorities with adequate people development & up-skilling
  7. Creating a safe atmosphere for everyone to be themselves
  8. Developing structured human processes
  9. Making every meeting workshop-level

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