Why Undefine

7 months ago   •   1 min read

By Othman Benkiran

If you learn without unlearning, you'll end up introducing more paradoxes to your life. And yet, how often do you call your own bullshit?

I named this company Undefine to remind me away from my own bullshit. I wanted to define everything, to neatly describe the path to the enlightenment of all. I was making it about the outside, aimlessly trying to grok the process of growth I'm going through.

Words won't help you or I wisen. Experiences will. Words can steer us towards and through experiences, but they won't replace them. Try as I want, I won't write words that will suddenly transform anything, if not for the previous experiences you've accumulated before reading them.

My aim, now, is to experience ourselves undefine.

Undefine and live by your values

There is hardly another path. Our social conditioning means we're mostly used to thinking in terms of matching an identity. Values are bigger than ourselves, and when we live by them, we end up channeling our internal values into new shared ones. That doesn't happen when we have ideals.

I came to realise that while writing my thesis, acting on purpose. People with ideals felt, to some degree, they weren't up to par with the rigid identity they were seeking to be. People with values would feel accomplished by their actions.

Letting go of ideals is hard. They are a useful model in school and in many careers. They show up everywhere around us; we are used to thinking in terms of them. But it's necessary if we want to see meaning in every action we take. Ideals are impersonal; values are beyond innate.

Undefine your ideals today, and act by your values. Sign up today to get started.

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