About Us

Undefine is a design firm that provides tools and services to enable self-managed, fulfilled teams.

Undefine started as a result of an MIT thesis focused on understanding how MIT student-entrepreneurs perceived the challenges of entrepreneurship. We used the learnings from this theory to help companies in their digital transformation, and recently turned our focus into developing CultureLed, our solution for the issues we encountered during our work.

We believe that innovative teams arise from participative systems. They require time and thought, though. In their absence, companies can resort to traditional hierarchies, which focus power in managers. When that happens, evolving work processes is done separately from doing the work itself. Managers don’t have a full picture, and workers don’t have full agency.

Participative management

Undefine works to enable participative management in teams. We believe leaders lead forward when employees can manage themselves. We provide the space for conversations, the management tools, and the technology necessary for this transition to happen.