If you want to make an impact, you want to rewrite the rules of some game that's being played. You will rewire habits as you do so—yours, your team's, and society's.

There are many reasons why startups fail; Undefine focuses on upgrading the mental frameworks founders and their teams rely on.

In the past, and in many of our current reflexes, we thought of this rewiring as a top-down thing: believe in an ideal and impose it to the current reality. From a people's revolution to personal development, we often start out wanting to have the end in sight. If you're in a startup, this approach will lead you to failure.

Though visions give us direction, they can blind us when we're overtaken by them. When we impose a new reality without undefining the current one, many important questions end up in blind spots. Then we keep trying, not seeing the ideal we're so desiring, and the divide becomes more unbearable.

In the MIT thesis that started this project, we found that what drives successful entrepreneurs isn't vision as much as it is potential—one you can sense around you. This mental framework requires unlearning many of the habits, beliefs, and even values we took on growing up. It is an uncomfortable process that isn't guaranteed to succeed, especially because the previous end-first mental model is still so prevalent around us.

Experience and resources do exist. Agile development and mindfulness practices are part of the rewiring, but without a solid foundation of undefining, the end-first habits will show up in how you implement change, without you even realising it.

Undefine helps you actively find your blind spots, so you can:

  • Ask yourself the important questions
  • Create a culture of inquiry in your company

We teach you evidence-based frameworks that build your mastery in emotional and relational intelligence and provide tools that are resilient to self-bullshitting.

Our approach is currently in semi-stealth mode. If you have a challenge you'd like to undefine, sign up here.

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